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Please contact us for information on remote controlled curtain tracks

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We manufacture all curtains in our own workroom

We can offer remote controlled options for your curtains, blinds, roller shutters and awnings.
Phone 07 5524 7211 or email us,

Don’t be blinded by price!

When it comes to manufacturing soft furnishings, you can rest assured that “our quality is your total guarantee of satisfaction”. All manufacturing in our workroom is personally supervised by Vilma to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained on every job, every time.
When we prepare a quotation for you, we consider the presentation that you are seeking, the finished product.
Our family business is well known throughout the district from Ballina to Brisbane for quality products and delivering on time, every time.
Blinds may look similar however often vary considerably in quality of the components used, ease of cleaning and the expected life of the products.
Firstly, there are many dozens of manufacturers in south east Queensland so you need to be sure that the supplier is very likely to be in business when you might need them again.
This is where we have already done the shopping for you.
We have been supplying all types of blinds for many years and have established relationships with established local “quality manufacturers”.
Our range of blinds include, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds, Timber Blinds, Various Look-alike Timber Blinds, Holland Blinds, Roller Blinds, Sheer Weave Sunscreen Blinds,
all other styles of blinds as
well as the full range of
We select every blind based upon quality of the fabric used, how it is made, it’s presentation and 
maintenance qualities.
Every blind must look good, present well and maintain a quality appearance for many, many years to come.
“Just how your blinds will look & feel when you, your customers or your friends are admiring them”.
Yes, price of course is an important factor in any purchase and we all like to stay within the budget however the price is soon forgotten if your blinds look very ordinary.

Don’t Be Blinded
by the Price

A Cheaper price usually means a far lower quality product.
Sometimes, a quote is not
what it seems to be.
All blinds are not the same. They may look similar but they may not be the same.
This can mean a big difference in price, your quote and the quality of your blinds.
We use only proven quality manufacturers, materials & components as well as experienced installation technicians to ensure
long lasting presentation & operation of your blinds.
Our reputation has
been built up over the
past 30 years.
Our customers keep coming back to us and range from residential homes and units owners to large commercial premises & projects including -
Residential Apartment Buildings
Motels, Clubs & Hotels
Retirement Villages
Commercial projects.
We can provide you with hundreds of testimonials and references.
For budget blinds or the top of the line Verosol blinds and everything else in between, we can provide you with a competitive quote on a proven quality product.

“Our Quality
is Your Guarantee
of Total Satisfaction”.

The final price

The final price is dependant on the quality of the fabric used in the blind and the way it is manufactured.
Also, how the material is cut. Either by knife or heat & how easy you can operate the blinds depends entirely on the quality of the mounting brackets, cords and internal mechanisms used.
Firstly, there are many dozens of manufacturers in south east Queensland so you need to be sure that the supplier is very likely to be in business when you might need them again.
If you have a cheaper quote, please refer it to s and we will probably be
able to tell you why.
“Our Quality is Your Guarantee of
Total Satisfaction”

Vilma's Quality

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Quality Products - 30 Years of Industry Experience & The Best Prices!

We Specialise in all Commercial & Residential work for -

Beautiful Curtains for All Budgets 
The Latest Fabrics - Fire Retardant Fabrics 
Bedspreads & matching curtains - Scatter Cushions, all sizes 
Swags and Tails 
Pelmets for a “wonderful touch”   

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